Friday, 19 October 2012

Travels 2012 - Oct 18th - Day 9 - The 60th

Day 9
So we arrive at the 60th of Marisol and its our anniversary to boot, so a day to be enjoyed.
Shopping followed by a mouth watering meal at Massala Zone on Marshall Street, then exhibitions at the Royal Academy on Picadilly and Tate Britain in Pimlico.
Finally a birthday dinner with Anil, Hannah, John and Loli at an Italian restaurant in Soho, called Boca di Lupo or mouth of wolf - which is like saying 'break a leg'. 'you are in a lucky place', the waiter told us.
Mewith Anil and Hannah in London

We could get used to this!!
Happy Birthday and anniversary, Marisol and Arvinder.

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