Sunday, 7 October 2012

Praying for an equation

A few weeks ago, just before the inauguration of my Fractals exhibition, I went to a neighbouring town where some friends had setup an exhibition jointly with some Italians, and there was some poetry reading and live music, all very nice. One of the poets, read out a poem in Spanish, whose last line really surprised me. It was in English and said 'I feel like praying for an equation'!

Now as you all probably know by now, my Fractals are based on mathematical equations, and I happened to have a Tablet in my bag, with the images of my exhibition. So at the end, I could not resist the temptation to introduce myself to the poet, and compliment her on her poem, comment on the sudden switch to English at the end, and ask 'Would you like to see an equation'?

I was not the least bit surprised when she said 'yes, of course'.

So I pulled out my tablet and showed her a few images from my collection. Needless to say that she was impressed, and I invited her to my exhibition, and to read out the poem in front of an audience during the 'finnisage' or the closing event, where all of my sponsors, buyers and invited friends enjoyed this story and the very same poem.

Thanks to Mar I Bel, some things just happen as if they were meant to.

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