Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Charlotte 2015

After a long flight from Munich we arrived at Charlotte airport to be met by Manjeet to lead us to the house where he moved to recently with Almu and their two boys (and our grandkids) Manjeeto and Nico. Anil (from Berlin) will also join us for few days later this week for us to be together for the Xmas Eve and Day.
We had left Laredo at about 6am to catch the early morning Lufthansa flight from Bilbao to Munich and a short wait later the 10 hour flight to Charlotte.
                 Grafham Circle, Huntersville, NC
It was with great delight that we were greeted by the kids and Almu..we were immediately led to a calendar where the boys had been crossing off the days to our arrival. Priceless.
So far we are trying to sleep off the jet lag and begin to spend time with the kids and to explore the neighbourhood. It looks so much like their neighbourhood in Austin and the same shops in similar malls are here too..perhaps its like this everywhere in the US. And the weather it is so nice! we expected wintry but its sunny and warm during the day but cold at night.
We have already had a good look at Lake Norman and the neighbouring town of Davidson. Plus some choice restaurants.
 Waiting for our table at a restaurant
 Slave houses at a Cotton Plantation
 Plantation owner's house
 Nature Reserve
A shop in Davidson
To be continued..