Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson

Sad news...
Let me tell you all my story of meeting MJ once in London a couple of years ago....
I was in the foyer of the Photographer's Gallery in London, near Leicester Square, on the phone to Anil, and a limo stopped in front of the building
Out jumped two guys from Matrix, with dark glasses and microphones and headsets, and looked around for a few seconds, then this darkly dressed short figure slowly emerged and walked into the gallery. As he passed he stopped and looked at me and said 'I love your turban, man'
Now I am not much of a MJ fan, and I had to think for a second to pay back a compliment on his dancing routines.
Anil said on the phone, 'who are you talking to?', and when I said MJ, he said 'you must be joking'
So I said to Anil, 'No Joke - here you say hello', and extended the mobile to MJ, who said something like 'hi' to Anil!!
and he was gone into the gallery.
Sad news indeed.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Pippa, Vanessa and Doug in London

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June 2009 saw the first trip to London by Pippa accompanied by mum Vanessa, dad Doug, grandma Arlene, to visit uncle and aunt in London at the birth of their son Geoffrey.
We took the opportunity to meet the whole family and spent some time with Vanessa and Pippa.
Have a look at Pippa's video below, which we are hoping to keep somewhere to show Pippa when she is twenty!!

If it wont play then try going to the youtube website by clicking below

Monday, 22 June 2009

Liliana and Carlos - music on a summer's eve

Open art studios at Liliana and Carlos's studio in the basement of the family home, turned into a marvellous music evening when Liliana and family sang some 'buleares de donosti' and an Englishman known as El Maestro Roger, picked up his guitar and played the most beautiful Flamenco guitar. Watch the video below!!

If it wont play then try going to the youtube website by clicking below


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Congratulations Manjeet & Almu - wedding 6th June at 6pm

More photos from Alba/ Mas fotos de Alba

Here are the first pictures from Manjeet and Almu's wedding thanks to Maria, Alba and Valen.
More photos when they become available.
Great, wonderful, all the superlatives. We all looked great, Manjeet and Almu looked fantastic and Marisol and I in Indian attire.
The dinner afterwards was really good and we need to diet for a few weeks!
Marco, Alba, Pirre and Montse came..also Pablo, his brother Valen, and Marisol´s aunt Consu and aunt Montse from Laredo, and their husbands joined us. All of Almu's sisters and her brother were there with their partners.
I made my speech about the Sikh culture (Speech Text), which was very well received..The priest had lived in Maracaibo, and we talked for hours over dinner as he was on our table. Also we found that we had mutual friends with Almu´s God parents, and the priest was a friend of one of Marisol´s cousins from Ciudad Rodrigo.
So many great memories, new family, and everything worked out as Manjeet and Almu would have wished.
Arvinder (or Dicki)
More photos from wedding by Alba/ Mas fotos de la boda por Alba
Aqui teneis las primeras fotos que me ha mandado Maria traves de Manjeet.
Fantastico, maravilloso, enorme, superlativo!! y eramos todos guapisimos..Manjeet, Almu, Marisol, Manolo y Marisol y yo en ropa India.
La cena despues era maravillosa, y ahora tenemos que hacer dieta para una semana!
Marco, Alba, Pirre y Montse vinieron desde Laredo y Mallorca. Tambien tios Consu/Carlos y tios Montse/Valen, Pablo y la familia Valentin por supuesto.
Yo tenia que hacer un discurso sobre la boda en la cultura Sikh (Texto de discurso), y fue bien recibido aun que el sistema de sonido en la iglesia no era muy bueno. Lo repeti durante la cena despues.
El padre (priest) estaba en nuestra mesa, y habia vivido en Venezuela y una temporada en Maracaibo. Pasamos horas hablando de las experiencias, y el tambien conocia un primo de Marisol de Ciudad Rodrigo! que casualidad!
Los padrinos de Almu tambien conocian Laredo, y discubrimos que teniamos muchos amigos mutuales con ellos. Tio Carlos y el recordaban haber saludado en Laredo! Que pequno es el mundo.
Cuantas memorias buenas, una nueva familia, muchos cuentos y todo salio como Manjeet y Almu habian planificado.

Un abrazo
Dicki (o Arvinder)

Arvinder's Speech on Oriental Culture Texto de Discurso de Dicki sobre Culturas Orientales