Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Madrid in February 09

more photos from Arco

Marisol & I spent the week of 7th to 15th of February in Madrid, staying with Manjeet and Almu in their lovely apartment. Montse came over from Laredo and we had a fantastic week of much activity..
First there was the Arco 2009 - the great Madrid art fair..They had extended their hospitality as in previous years by giving us at least one pass..although due to changes to their systems we did not have the multiple passes as in previous years.
However our artist friend Gayatri, was helping her family's Kashi Gallery at the fair and she arranged for all the passes we were ever going to need!
India was the invited country this year, and we happened to know the owners of two of about ten galleries who were exhibitting from India. Peter Nagy of the Nature Morte gallery which we happened to visit about a year ago in Delhi in the company of Trolley (otherwise known as Brian Mulvihill from Vancouver), and of course Gayatri's friends of the Kashi Gallery from Kerala in South India.
Picture from El Correo newspaper!

Icing on the cake, during the exhibition the Basque El Correo newspaper ran daily stories on Arco and a photo of me and Marisol appeared on at least two days. See the links to the articles below..
El Correo newspaper from 12th Feb (third photo)
El Correo newspaper from 14th Feb


Montse ......................Manjeet/Almu
More photos from Madrid
Then there was the family/friends/shopping/dining/St Valentines
We caught up with our friends Leandro/Natalia (who made us a wonderful Peruvian meal including Pizco with dates!), Puri/Pedro (accompanied us on two shows), Alfonso/Paz (more dinner and visit to studio), Valentin and Lurdes ( invite to a very nice lunch at their home), Octavio (Lunch at a nice restaurant), and even by a strange coincidence Pelayo from Switzerland was over doing a music concert which Marisol managed to see while I accompanied Manjeet to Real Madrid v Racing Santander football match!
Specially should mention the time with Manjeet and Almu (who arranged a long overdue get together with her large family!) plus Pablo and Montse. We also met with Tio Carlos and Tia Consu, still enthused from her trip to India in November! at my birthday - see stories elsewhere on my blogs.

And Madrid was really sunny and wonderful!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Later - on a walkabout around Epsom

Chalk Lane

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Later in the afternoon, I ventured out to walk around Epsom and took these photos of the Snowscape!!
Chalk Lane, GrandStand, Rosebery Park, The Centre of Epsom, Dorking Road and back home!


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You can not believe how much snow has fallen on us (Surrey and England) in the last 12 hours!!
About 18 Inches!!
We are stuck at home for now..

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