Monday, 15 September 2008

Travels in Asia - August 2008

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In August once again I had to get back to our team in Shanghai, and this time I had the good fortune of being invited to Kuala Lumpur for a Diversity presentation. Luckily that meant that I could spend a weekend in KL which I had not visited before. Now KL is famous for the tall towers that you see above and some fantastic food. One night I was taken to a fruit stall where we pigged out on an unimaginable quantities of exotic fruits, many of which I had never eaten before, and that is saying something after all my years in India, West Africa and Caribbean.

I was also in time for the Independence day celebrations in Malaysia. The Folks at the office invited me to take part in the celebrations, I had to make a speech, and to present the award to the best Male traditional dress in show, arranged at the office. Here is a video of the traditional dress competition.

While in Shanghai, I was treated to a visit to a nearby town of Hanchow, which turned out to be a real surprise. We hired bicycles and covered a large distance, which would not have been possible otherwise. Very beautiful town.

Of course no trip to China is complete without some unusual purchases for Marisol, and this one was no exception. Two art works manufactured in China and each weighing around 20-25 Kilos were waiting to be brought back home. So my luggage??..two suitacases with one work of art in each and nothing else. All my travel stuff was stuffed in a carryon case..still we got home with all this stuff without a major mishap. Luckily noone asked to open the suitcases!

What's next you ask?? US, Spain and India in quick rest for the wicked!

Looking forward to meeting many of you in November in Delhi!