Thursday, 31 July 2014

Tumbleweed Moments and Art

Arte Santander week, and we met a huge army of art goers, lovers and gallery people. This year the half dozen of galleries from other countries have really brought a wind of change. For the usually conservative Santanderinos this is a wakeup call...hey, there is this modern, contemporary and conceptual art movement, which makes all these pictures on the wall a bit dull and boring.
It is not unsurprising therefore that at the now customary tour of the galleries around Santander during this Art Fair, I spent an extended 'quality' time with the managers of most of the foreigners. Among these were the very young German, the Italian, Portuguese and the young man from Belgium. As one may imagine the conversation was hilarious in that it was a combination of all these languages punctuated with English to make some sense of the topic being discussed.
For example at one point when we met with Marta, our favourite Art critic, who had published an article in the locally popular newspaper 'The Daily Mountain' (I know this name does not inspire confidence), about these galleries from other shores, the Brussels man came up with 'She is a Gandhi' which I found strangely confusing!! When my face showed 'not sure what you mean' he repeated 'Candy I mean she is sweet'!
Definitely a 'Tumbleweed Moment' (think western - weed tumbling across the paths of gunfights)
Later we came across a painting in one of the galleries which had the title 'work', definitely a zen inspired label. We continued the tour and each gallery came up with one course of what was effectively our dinner. Starting with Nuble and the starters, through Silio and the main course, then desert in another gallery followed by the Cava and Mojitos at the Naval College exhibition of the Sianoja artists where Marisol also has an installation.
Marisol's installation OXCAHINI
The conversations continued well into the night and we finally made our way home at about 5am. 

Well someone has to do all this..