Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lil Brother - Big Brother (Pammi in Epsom)

Pammi&Chanda....................Pammi at home
last year..............................19th September 2009

Last week Pammi was back in London for a conference and we got to see him again! I can get used to that. But not before the most amazing coincidence. Pammi and I were making our way to Epsom from different directions on Friday 18th.
I was headed back after Marisol's exhibition in Leeds (See next story below) by train, and there was a delay of one hour because of some accident on the tracks. When I boarded the train to Epsom at Vauxhall I sent Pammi a text message as previously agreed. Here follows the transcript of the message sequence.....
Me: 5.30 Getting on the Epsom train at Vauxhall
Pammi: Just left Waterloo on the Dorking train
Me: So you are just behind. U did not pass Vauxhall yet?
Pammi: If its the first stop after Waterloo then yes passed it
Me: Then we are on the same train! Which car from the back? I am in the 3rd from the back.
Pammi: What? on the same train? Weird man. I am in the 2nd last or last, not sure.
Me: I will try and move down the train. Its packed. Definitely see you at Epsom

And a couple of hops in and out different train carriages, we found each other!!

And spent a lovely few hours together.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Marisol at the Leeds College of Art

We were in Leeds last week for the inauguration of Marisol's latest exhibition at the Leeds College of Art and Design, and I can tell you that it was stunning! The hair piece which was made in China and made a trip to London in my luggage, was beautiful. So was the I-Myself installation of eyes from every year of Marisol's life. To top it all the video from 'Forgotten Languages' was projected along an entire side of the college cafeteria.
My favourite story is that there was a flyer in distribution, the entire sheet proclaiming Marisol Cavia's exhibition at the college, with a photo and a description, and at the foot of the sheet in small letters there was this note: 'Also a set of prints of Chapman Brothers'!!
Marisol is the main attraction. The curator Terry Jones wrote to say
'The show looks great – The students have all returned today and there was a big crowd looking at the hair'
More at Marisol's website

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Batalla de Flores, Laredo, Spain, 28 August 2009

More photoos of the preparation - Mas photos dela preparacion
We were back in Laredo for the Batalla de Flores in Laredo, and this year the authorities asked Marisol to be judge. This was hard work for her and for me, the photographer and umbrella holder..On the day of the Batalla, even was decked out in flowers!
Above some photos of the work on the night before and below the real batalla procession in video.

Estabamos de vuelta en Laredo para la Batalla de Flores, y esta vez las autoridades invitaron a Marisol para formar parte del juzgado. Mucho trabajo, tanto para ella como para mi, el fotografo y el portador del paraguas! Hasta el estaba hecho con flores este dia.
Arriba fotos del trabajo de noche anterior y por la manyana del dia dela batalla, y abajo el video dela procesion.

If you cant see the video, try the link below to Youtube


Sunday, 6 September 2009

Pelayo Fernandez Arrizabalaga plays jazz at the private view of his new exhibition

Pelayo Fernandez Arrizabalaga plays jazz at the private view of his new exhibition of paintings, at the Espiral Gallery in Meruelo, Spain..August 2009

Pelayo Fernandez Arrizabalaga toca jazz por la ocasion de la inauguracion de su expo de nuevos cuadros, en la Galeria Espiral en Meruelo, Spain..Agosto 2009

If having difficulty viewing click on link below to see the youtube directly