Tuesday, 15 January 2008

India December 2007 - 3 Jan 2008

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Marisol & I spent 3 weeks in Delhi recently during the Xmas and New Year holiday season. As always we ate and shopped a lot. Had a lot of fun in the company of seniors in Delhi, and were well looked after by the facilities at home. Uppinder & Sangeeta happened to be over from Australia and we joined them on a short trip to Amritsar and Jullundhar, where we made some long overdue visits to family (Kaki Aunty) and friends (Gunit & Tara). The end to this short trip resulted in the hair raising taxi ride home at midnight which will be the subject of a forthcoming book! Paramjit and Chanda also played hosts for a short visit from us to Gurgaon and with only about ninety kilos of luggage to be brought back to London, Virgin Atlantic once again gave us a royal treatment.