Friday, 21 March 2008

Garibaldi Exhibition reaches Montevideo

Garibaldi Exhibition in Montevideo

TITOLO: "Giuseppe Garibaldi...hombre de la libertad, hombre de la humanidad..."
CURATOR: Enzo Marino
Sala de Ceremonias de la Intendencia Municipal CITTA': Montevideo - URUGUAY
26.27.28 marzo 2008

Garibaldi Lives On by Arvinder

Memento by Marisol

After the inauguration of the exhibition in Bergamo in Italy, Enzo Marino's exhibition with the participation of the International Free Artists about Garibaldi's 200th anniversary, is now going to show in Montevideo!
Both Marisol and I have one exhibit in this exhibition
And here are the images!

More Information at International Free Artists Garibaldi Exhibition website

Also more about the International Free Artists group here

Here is a ‘shair’ for Garibaldi in the Persian tradition.

From the Canadian mountain to a restaurant in Singapore, I tell you
A tree in Bedford, a whole city and sculptures galore, I tell you
G was a star of his time, Liberator of many, though hated by some
Even buiscuits and a colour! Garibaldi lives on evermore, I tell you.

Monday, 3 March 2008

BHB meets in Frankfurt

Click here to see more photos from Frankfurt and Rudesheim

Last weekend 1st March saw a reunion of the three friends who first worked together at Maraven in Venezuela more than 20 years ago. Rafael, Jerry and me! And we had all the ladies - Rosemary, Margarita and Marisol join us. Can you believe we all had a different country of birth and four different continents!!??
Wonderful - and a special thanks to Margarita and Jerry for putting us up at the Hotel Helmick!