Sunday, 16 June 2013

What day is it? Monday - We must be in London!

A couple of weeks ago we found ourselves in London for various reasons, chief among them was the SAL exhibition (called Take It or Leave It) in which Marisol was participating. Not too far behind was the wedding of Natalia, daughter of our friends Rafael and Rosemary and of course not to be missed was my opportunity to sample the delightful food from all over the world that you can find in London.
The first stop was the ARTHouse gallery in SouthEast London where the SAL group of artists which included Marisol, were to exhibit their latest work. Marisol's 'The State of Things' had an installation that reflected the broken economies of many of the European Union countries, whose initials can spell PIGS and more.
The broken PIGS

Then it was a hectic round of the latest exhibitions at all our favourite galleries including the National, RA, TATE and the Saatchi..all of which worth seeing and not to be missed several galleries in Cork Street,and Saville Row, plus an exhibition at Sotheby of the forthcoming auctions which include a big Indian Modern art collection. There was also the Pinta exhibition of Spanish and SouthAmerican art at Earls Court, for which we had several complimentary tickets.

Marisol at a Subodh Gupta installation

In between our friends Adrian and Luna had invited us to one of their performances at a small shop in Dean Street. We were not disappointed..their work is always excellent.

Looking up the Shard building - So tall that your turban can fall off looking at it!

Marisol and Anil
Then we had plenty of time to walk around and catch up with our many friends in London..they know who they are so I wont mention them all! Except Anil and Hannah who are special and we had them in mind when we made our trip to London.
Me - at the summer pavillion, Serpentine gallery

The men's at Dishoom restaurant..the Hindi word is Bawa..draw your own conclusions!
And the restaurants! We tried all our favourite cuisines..only to be found all together in London! Anil introduced us to a new Indian restaurant called Dishoom, with an ageing Mumbai Cafe decor. The visit to the mens room had a surprise in store for me..although in our party only I could read Hindi! 
A special mention though for the kitchen of John and Loli, who put us up at their 5 star home within a stone's throw from the Abbey Road studios and the iconic zebra crossing made famous by the Beatles. The meals they fed us during our stay were worth a Michelin or two!

The happy couple - Natalia and Tom

Finally the wedding of Natalia, daughter of our friends Rafael and Rosemary, who we have known since Venezuela, before Natalia was born, which was a fantastically sunny and lovely day and the icing on the cake of a flying visit by our friend Jerry from SanFrancisco, who attended the wedding and flew all the way back again the next day, all the more remarkable after his heroic antics in an operating theater recently. The wedding was full of events to remember, including fainting ladies and a police chase of our boat on the Thames!

A marvellous two weeks in our old hunting grounds!