Thursday, 25 December 2008

After the Party - SIX-O!!

Yes Indeed - The party is over..and all is revealed on the Party Blog!
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Arvinder at 60

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Let the party start

Ok, so we are starting the migration to Delhi
All is set for the 11th so see you all at the Habitat Centre
Here are some photos for you all to get in the mood
They are from various stages of my life
And they will be on show at the party.

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Sunday, 26 October 2008

A week in Spain & Marisol's Latest Exhibition

Earlier this month Marisol & I spent a week in Laredo, Spain where marisol was curating and also participating in an Exhibition at Santander. We also caught up with a group of friends and family who have made arrangements to travel to India, and also celebrated Marisol's birthday with a big dinner in Santander.

Marisol's exhibition named 'ENGLISH Translations' which involved two different shows, one in London and one in Santander. Organised by Jesus Alberto Perez and Marisol, this has been a very successful event, and the Santander show attracted a lot of publicity in the press, television and in the art world in Cantabria. So much so that when we went out to a small restaurant in San Miguel de Haras, a small community of about 100 inhabitants, the waiters came out and told us that they knew us, and that they had seen us in the newspapers!!
Below Nick does an Impromptu performance alongside Marisol's installation of 'Genetic Selection' (as if pleading with Rapunzel!)

See more photos of the exhibition at and at Marisol's website

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Mutation - Ricardo Gaete at City Hall

Ricardo Gaete's 'Mutation' Performance at the Old City Hall in London.
Although I did not grab a video of Ricardo's performance, here is a glimpse of one I recorded in November 2007 at the Truman Brewery.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Travels in Asia - August 2008

See more fotos on Flickr - just click here

In August once again I had to get back to our team in Shanghai, and this time I had the good fortune of being invited to Kuala Lumpur for a Diversity presentation. Luckily that meant that I could spend a weekend in KL which I had not visited before. Now KL is famous for the tall towers that you see above and some fantastic food. One night I was taken to a fruit stall where we pigged out on an unimaginable quantities of exotic fruits, many of which I had never eaten before, and that is saying something after all my years in India, West Africa and Caribbean.

I was also in time for the Independence day celebrations in Malaysia. The Folks at the office invited me to take part in the celebrations, I had to make a speech, and to present the award to the best Male traditional dress in show, arranged at the office. Here is a video of the traditional dress competition.

While in Shanghai, I was treated to a visit to a nearby town of Hanchow, which turned out to be a real surprise. We hired bicycles and covered a large distance, which would not have been possible otherwise. Very beautiful town.

Of course no trip to China is complete without some unusual purchases for Marisol, and this one was no exception. Two art works manufactured in China and each weighing around 20-25 Kilos were waiting to be brought back home. So my luggage??..two suitacases with one work of art in each and nothing else. All my travel stuff was stuffed in a carryon case..still we got home with all this stuff without a major mishap. Luckily noone asked to open the suitcases!

What's next you ask?? US, Spain and India in quick rest for the wicked!

Looking forward to meeting many of you in November in Delhi!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Longshore Drift - Brighton Beach - 2 August 08

Katie's annual art event at Brighton Beach - performances by 5 artists.
Marisa, Katie, David, Mabel & Marko.

Still photography (embedded in the video and below) by Marisol Cavia

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Marisol & I in Spain June/July 2008

Last week in June Marisol and I flew off to Spain for a short holiday and a couple of interesting experiences.
First - Noche de San Juan, 23 June, we dined with friends and I learnt how to jump backwards and forwards on a fire - an ancient tradition in Spain.
Then..Spain went and won the European Football Cup. What a night of noise, fireworks & celebrations.
Next, we happened to be discussing a future exhibition which Marisol is organising through the Santander Port Authority, with the Santander contacts, and we got invited to act as judges for a painting contest for the immigrant artists in Santander. So we went along and picked the winners at the building that houses the Cantabrian parliament. The following week we got invited to attend the prize giving ceremony, and I got interviewed by the TV Cantabria, and appeared on state television's all news bulletins the next day!
(This is the winning artist)

Later we flew to Barcelona, where I had some business to attend to, for a lovely weekend. One of the colleagues I was working with invited me to fly with him in his plane (alas Marisol could not come as it was just a two seater). And do you know, he let me fly that plane for a few minutes. That was exciting! but dont tell the authorities ;-)

Then Pirre showed up in Barcelona with his daily ferry boat from Mallorca and Menorca. How lucky we are that all the brothers and sisters can meet in different combinations in so many different places in the world every year. Shanghai, Delhi, London, Barcelona, Laredo and New Jersey. Next year we will attempt to make it to Sydney.
See more pictures from Spain by clicking here. (Ver mas fotos)

Monday, 26 May 2008

Sevillanas in Regent Street on 25th May

Alba, Marisol & I went to witness the breaking of the record for simultaneous Sevillanas dancing last Sunday 25th May, at Regent Street, London. We met Marisa Rueda there and look at the video below! The record was confirmed!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Click Here to see more picture from Shanghai

Marisol and I were in Shanghai again in April for a few days, and apart from a few flu and other ailments it was a very enjoyable trip. I had to work..but Marisol did everything. We were less adventurous then normal, however we entertained a lot, went to a few art exhibitions (with Marisol around that was to be expected), shopped till literally dropped and generally had a good time.
Having signed up for the Air Products Golf society's beginner's club, knowing their first outing would be the week following from our return, I decided to buy the whole golf kit in Shanghai, reasoning that it would be cheaper. I had seen Uppinder and his colleagues buying Golf equipment on previous occasions, so I headed straight for the same shop in the Clothing and Gifts market near the Technology Museum. We discussed makes, bags, shoes, gloves and everything about the clubs..made a list of my Golf set icluding all of the above..and negotiated a price. It all came to 1000 RMBs, which roughly translated is seventy pounds! remarkable. In London a pair of shoes could cost you that much!
Mike and Aimee, who were working with me..helped me get this stuff back to the Hotel, covered in a travel bag which came with my the rain. It was quite a sight! Later Virgin Atlantic let me get the whole thing (in addition to our normal 100 Kilos or so of stuff) back to London, and in a big limousine back home.
However not before we had the scare of our lives getting to the Shanghai Airport.
We were picked up at 7.30am for a 10.40 flight. However we got stuck in a traffic jam about 30 kms from the Airport, and it took us two and a half hours to get through..arriving at the Airport after 10 we thought we had no chance to make the flight. Not understanding too much of the conversation we were checked in with hardly anyone in the new International terminal at the PuDong. Later someone explained that the crew of the flight were still further behind us in the jam, and had been sent back to Shanghai to get the fast Maglev train to the Airport. Flight was delayed and we even had time to swig a drink or two in the Lounge!
Now we are back and as a result of the flight and flu I totally lost my hearing. Now a few weeks later I can hear reasonably well again. Getting too old for this.
Oh..and the golf events..I have played in two, and the groups I have been in have won both the events. So far so good ;-)...a hundred percent record. I even won the nearest to hole in the last event!


Sunday, 6 April 2008

NewYork March 29/30 2008

Sis, Birinder & I hit the Armory shows in New York at the end of March, and my connections to the London Art groups, gave us VIP passes to all the exhibitions we went to, which made the experience even more pleasurable! Birinder was the rich buyer, and Sis was an associate from the Organisation.
So we saved a lot of money and got to see the biggest Art fair in New York.

Later we went to a Mexican restaurant with Mabel who was visiting from London, and what Sis and Mabel were doing under the table is difficult to say but they had the whole restaurant in fits of laughter.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Garibaldi Exhibition reaches Montevideo

Garibaldi Exhibition in Montevideo

TITOLO: "Giuseppe Garibaldi...hombre de la libertad, hombre de la humanidad..."
CURATOR: Enzo Marino
Sala de Ceremonias de la Intendencia Municipal CITTA': Montevideo - URUGUAY
26.27.28 marzo 2008

Garibaldi Lives On by Arvinder

Memento by Marisol

After the inauguration of the exhibition in Bergamo in Italy, Enzo Marino's exhibition with the participation of the International Free Artists about Garibaldi's 200th anniversary, is now going to show in Montevideo!
Both Marisol and I have one exhibit in this exhibition
And here are the images!

More Information at International Free Artists Garibaldi Exhibition website

Also more about the International Free Artists group here

Here is a ‘shair’ for Garibaldi in the Persian tradition.

From the Canadian mountain to a restaurant in Singapore, I tell you
A tree in Bedford, a whole city and sculptures galore, I tell you
G was a star of his time, Liberator of many, though hated by some
Even buiscuits and a colour! Garibaldi lives on evermore, I tell you.

Monday, 3 March 2008

BHB meets in Frankfurt

Click here to see more photos from Frankfurt and Rudesheim

Last weekend 1st March saw a reunion of the three friends who first worked together at Maraven in Venezuela more than 20 years ago. Rafael, Jerry and me! And we had all the ladies - Rosemary, Margarita and Marisol join us. Can you believe we all had a different country of birth and four different continents!!??
Wonderful - and a special thanks to Margarita and Jerry for putting us up at the Hotel Helmick!