Thursday, 18 April 2013

Back home and a coincidence

Phew, we are now back home, but not before another day in freezing London.
Its a tough life, that of a tourist.
And now for the coincidence
It was a friend´s birthday, lets call him Max
We were invited to a dinner party on his birthday, so we thought it might be a good idea to buy a present.
Now, we knew he likes music, so doh! lets buy him a CD..original right? idea what he might or might not have, nevertheless we were in Bilbao and decided to drop into a big electronics store that sells music...FNAC.
We fly in and I begin to browse discs with not a clue as to what to get for Max.
Marisol approaches me and is looking at the fellow over to my right in disbelief!!
I look over and that looks awfully like Max (remember Max?) with some headphones listening to some music.
Our eyes meet and recognition, then disbelief dawns in all eyes.
And he is holding a CD in his hands which he presumably likes, and does not have (some exotic stuff attributed to John Cage)
Our problems are over..birthday gift purchased we all walk out arm in arm to get a coffee at a nearby Cafe.
I love this place!