Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas in Spain

Xmas 2009 - All of us, Marisol & I (from Stanstead), Manjeet & Almu (from Austin via Madrid), and Anil (also from London) made our different ways to Laredo, and joined up with Montse, Pirre (from Mallorca) and his gang Alba (from Bilbao) and Marco (from Valladolid) to spend christmas together at our 'chateau' near the beach with Angel and Nelly and the rest of the family including Pablo from Madrid. How we all managed to get here with so much snow everywhere is a miracle indeed. With so many flights cancelled even from Madrid, we all arrived more or less as planned and were delighted to find that this one spot in Europe was still enjoying virtually summer weather.
Here are some pictures from the Christmas evening dinner and soon we will post more from the trip.
Thanks for all the calls on 24th and 25th from Guddi (US), Popy(Sydney), & Pochin (Uruguay) and we also talked to Mom and Dad and Pammi in Delhi. Techonology - its great..however our Interconnection could not handle Skype very the video links were not so successful.
Merry Xmas - and a Happy New Year shortly!
Dicki and the whole group of Bawas and Cavias here in Spain.

Navidad 2009 - todos nosotros Marisol y yo (desde Stanstead), Almu y Manjeet (Austin via Madrid), Anil (Londres), llagamos a nuestro 'chateau' en Laredo desde nuestras variadas locaciones y reunimos con Pierre (Mallorca), Alba (Bilbao), Marco (Valladolid), Pablo (Madrid), Angel y Nelly. Como pudimos llegar aqui con tanta nieve por todo alrededor es un milagro. Con tantos vuelos cancellados todavia llegamos mas o menos como planeado, y sorprendidos por las tempraturas muy agradables que encontramos en esta zona en medio de tanto frio y caos.
Aqui teneis unas fotos de la fiesta de Navidad en casa de Angel y Nelli, y tambien unas fotos del grupo desayunando. Pondremos mas fotos aqui mas adelante.
Gracias por todas las llamadas durante 24 y 25, de Guddi (US), Popy(Sydney), y Pochin (Uruguay) y nostros tambien hablamos con mis padres y Pammi en Delhi - que maravilla la technologia...aun que el Skype no funcciono muy bien con la coneccion que tenemos aqui.
Feliz Navidad y un Prospero
2010 (que ya viene) a tod@s!
Dicki y todo el grupo de Bawas y Cavias aqui en Laredo!