Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Festivities, Savannah and Charleston

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Xmas and New Year festivities were upon us and we eagerly awaited for Anil to join us. As expected Father Christmas came by and brought a lot of presents for everyone. The standout present for me was the Amazon Echo and as Manjeet and Almu also got one we got to experiment with it straight away. Voice activate Alexa answers your every question, plays music from internet and radio stations galore. It was an instant success. 
Alexa, play Rudolph the red nose reindeer! Jito and Nico singing and dancing!
One Echo was tucked away in my suitcase to be opened when we were back in Spain!

After Anil headed back to Germany we took off for a few days to see the cities of Savannah and Charleston. Gone with the Wind, dancing in the Thirties and all that was in the back of our minds. In one day we drove from North Carolina, through South Carolina and arrived in Savannah, Georgia. Its not the first time that I have been in three states in one day (having done NY, NewJersey and Pennsylvania when I worked up north) but it was still quite an event. And we were not disappointed when we arrived.

Savannah is like the leafy streets of London and the design probably comes from the British influence in its creation. However the best thing about Savannah were not the beautiful mansions (which do have a dark side to them), but the huge industry around the ghosts which supposedly inhabit this city. We duly signed up for a walking ghost tour, though the most remarkable tours were where they drive you around in a hearse!

The lady that was our guide was enough to give us goosebumps, theatrical, dressed for the part and it was pitch dark. 'take lots of never know what you might capture!' The history of the city is gruesome. Ethnic population eliminated..lots of soldiers got killed...wars of independence..looks like the whole city is full of bodies buried underneath.

Next on to Charleston..another beautiful place with equally beautiful mansions.
This time the aircraft carrier and submarine parked across the river were attractions.
No sign of any bars with dances from the past!
Then it was time to return to Charlotte and last minute shopping, more fun with Jito and Nico and all too soon it was time to get back home.
We should do this more often!

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