Thursday, 5 March 2015

A curious exhibit

Laredo being a smallish town there are not many cultural spaces and we do try and go to all the events that happen here. The lone art gallery (Ruas) in Laredo has regular exhibitions and both Marisol and I have exhibitted there in the past, about which earlier posts have dedicated separate space. Recently a curious twist of fate stopped us from going to the start of an exhbition of photographs by Pedro Bada, a respected local artist who has won some competitions and who was invited to exhibit at this gallery. However to get some idea of what was on display, a few days after the inauguration we decided to go and visit the exhibition.

The gallery is not very big and about twenty photographs of various sizes had been arranged around the space. As I worked my way around the gallery I came face to face with an image in which there appeared to be someone wearing a red turban walking on the beach with a scary array of clouds promising a terrific storm, the kind which makes us run for cover if we happen to be out in the open.

Photograph by Pedro Bada

It was obviously me in the picture! It would be true to say that within a radius of a hundred, and perhaps as much as 400 hundred miles, there is not another person who wears a turban except me. So it was obviously me. I was somewhat disappointed (and perhaps a little relieved) to find a red dot next to the image signifying that it was no longer available to buy.

A few weeks later I was celebrating my birthday with a few friends when the image turned up as a present, and explained the red dot. Someone had snapped up the image as a present for me. 
Thanks very much Montse.