Wednesday, 4 November 2009

US and the Halloween Parade in New York

I was in the US last week to bid farewell to my numerous friends and colleagues, and stayed over the weekend to get a taste of the famous Halloween Parade in New York.

The fall colours were spectacular as the couple of photos from Pennsylvania above will confirm

More photos from the parade

And the Parade was fantastic..I arrived in New York early and spent a couple of hours at Moma, walked the length of Manhattan (twice - about a 100 blocks in total) before ending up at the Spring Street start point of the Parade. I was early, and many thought that I was dressed in costume (perhaps as a terrorist) for the Parade, and asked if they could take my photo. Later all the surrounding streets were closed off to cars and you had to be registered to come into the parade area, which was also closed off to the public. But I was already in!
Later when Jasvinder (the sis) and Birinder (B-I-L) arrived, there was nowhere to Birinder had to drive around for an hour, while I sneaked Jasvinder into the area where everyone was preparing to start the parade. A policeman on duty, let me back in, because I had made sure that he would remember me, while I left the area briefly to meet up with Jas.
We had the wildest time, took lots of pics which you can see by using the link for 'More photos'.
Later we caught up with the roving Birinder and headed for the most amazing meal at the Rosa Mexicano on Columbus Avenue. We entered wearing our masks (Brinder had his up-side-down! but still looked ferocious), and caused quite a commotion. Normality returned when we revealed that we had a reservation! And we were led to perhaps the best table in the restaurant.
Later at home we even managed to catch up with the third game of the world series which the Yankees won, thus making J and B really happy!
What a day!!

More photos from the parade