Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Stop & Search

Well , well! Can you believe it? I got my first Stop and Search in London a few days ago.

Marisol & I were accompanying Susil who is a photographer/lawyer, who has offered to make a video for the SAL group (Spanish Artists in London) which includes Marisol. We had a pile of bags and equipment, and we were setting up a shot opposite the Parliament buildings in Westminster. Along came a couple of police and gave us a hard time. In the end they filled in this form, which I am going to frame. And I have no trace! thank God.
You will node that my IC code is 4 and the SDE code is A1
You can figure out all this mumbo jumbo for yourselves, from the pictures of the forms! :-)

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Cosa Nuestra Dinner # 5

Geoff arranges the latest (Oct 5) Cosa Nuestra Dinner at La Mancha restaurant in Putney, London.
Only seven of the possible thirteen members are present. We have a stand in for Bill, who had to attend to urgent family business. Its the Bag which contains Bill's dinner :-) Bill ordered many tapas, and a portion of Paella. Hope it all tasted good Bill!
Great meal, good wine & strong sangria, and even better the Caipirina(s) at Bill's afterwards.