Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Sheer Havoc - moving homes

Thought it would be easy to raise anchors and move home! After 23 years and no holds barred accumulation, its tough to do a complete move without some stress..
Thought it might be interesting to try a new life for a while..but after a couple of months pof non-stop effort, both here in the UK and in our new home in Spain, wish we had tried something simpler. Still no pain, no gain..hopefully all this will be behind us soon and then we can relax
And what will we do with two homes worth of 'stuff' all squeezed into one..although M has arranged a studio, which I suspect will be a storage dump for a month or two..Will keep you posted but one good decision was to avoid having to drive there and back..instead just giving up the car for now..will see later if its truly necessary to reacquire!
Wish us luck and energy!