Thursday, 19 January 2012

New Year - Recover health, Diet, Save and make a resolution.

There is a certain similarity of the experience of these post New Year times with previous years, because we tend to overdo things every year at this festive time. As I write this the best is over and we can safely go back to our normal lives, which if I think about it, is quite hectic at the best of times in my case.
The end of the year brought some good and bad news as one might expect..the good being that 'the boys' came to spend a week with us with their families and partners, while the bad was that we all fell victims to the dreaded virus with flu, cold and bronchitis.
On a more positive note the collective splurge on presents for xmas and Jito's birthday probably kept several countries' economies afloat and the prolonged period of eating out meant that we all carried excess weight around by the time we had wished 'Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year' to everyone and all dispersed again, hence the slant on the title of this post.
Large packages with many stimulating presents were assembled for Jito's first birthday and first taste of Christmas. We made a small party with one or two other small kids in the family and the traditional cake for Jito to blow out the candle with some help from the guests. As he tore open the presents one by one, he enjoyed the surprise and the novelty of each for a few moments, before moving on to the next. The very next day Manjeet, Almu and Jito were meant to be flying back to Madrid, and the restrictions on the luggage while flying meant that a few of these presents had to be left behind to be played with on future visits.
And of course the New Year Resolution.
Now resolutions are personal things, and one has the problem of setting an expectation and then not delivering. I could give up smoking, but I never smoked.  Chocolate? its not really a problem. Travel more? have done enough for now.. So what would be a good objective?
Write more
See more of the family
Manage my finances
Learn a new language
Prepare an exhibition of my photos
Do more exercise, play more golf and squash?
But somehow those do not appear to be proper resolutions, just things I would have tried to do anyway. One feels that a resolution has to be something big and daunting that is going to be difficult and require a big sacrifice.Sounds like I am growing too old to worry about resolutions?
That sounds bad and perhaps therein lies a credible resolution...
Maybe the resolution should be to think positive and not to slip into an old age slowdown.
Happy New Year y'all.