Thursday, 30 October 2008

Let the party start

Ok, so we are starting the migration to Delhi
All is set for the 11th so see you all at the Habitat Centre
Here are some photos for you all to get in the mood
They are from various stages of my life
And they will be on show at the party.

Click here to view Photos


Sunday, 26 October 2008

A week in Spain & Marisol's Latest Exhibition

Earlier this month Marisol & I spent a week in Laredo, Spain where marisol was curating and also participating in an Exhibition at Santander. We also caught up with a group of friends and family who have made arrangements to travel to India, and also celebrated Marisol's birthday with a big dinner in Santander.

Marisol's exhibition named 'ENGLISH Translations' which involved two different shows, one in London and one in Santander. Organised by Jesus Alberto Perez and Marisol, this has been a very successful event, and the Santander show attracted a lot of publicity in the press, television and in the art world in Cantabria. So much so that when we went out to a small restaurant in San Miguel de Haras, a small community of about 100 inhabitants, the waiters came out and told us that they knew us, and that they had seen us in the newspapers!!
Below Nick does an Impromptu performance alongside Marisol's installation of 'Genetic Selection' (as if pleading with Rapunzel!)

See more photos of the exhibition at and at Marisol's website

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Mutation - Ricardo Gaete at City Hall

Ricardo Gaete's 'Mutation' Performance at the Old City Hall in London.
Although I did not grab a video of Ricardo's performance, here is a glimpse of one I recorded in November 2007 at the Truman Brewery.