Monday, 26 May 2008

Sevillanas in Regent Street on 25th May

Alba, Marisol & I went to witness the breaking of the record for simultaneous Sevillanas dancing last Sunday 25th May, at Regent Street, London. We met Marisa Rueda there and look at the video below! The record was confirmed!


Manjeet said...

Great!! Were you actually involved in the record or did you just witness it??

Anonymous said...

Hello, you don't know me I was there dancing with my friends on the day and we seem to have been captured on your footage! Thanks for sharing, was fun to watch back the day's events!

santacruz said...

Olé mi alma,¿pero que hace una señorita de Laredo bailando sevillanas en londres? que valor teneis,un beso muy fuerte de Jose juan y Eulalia.
Estamos negociando lo de la India, de momento hay bajas, ya te tendré al corriente.

Arvinder Bawa said...

To Manjeet - No we were just witnesses..Marisol did not register.

To Anonymous - Identify yourself just the same. My email is in my profile.

A Santacruz..Les esperamos en la India..y eso de las bajas me suena mal. Gracias por su comentario, y sabes que la joven con Marisol es la sobrina hija de Pirre?

Anonymous said...

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