Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lil Brother - Big Brother (Pammi in Epsom)

Pammi&Chanda....................Pammi at home
last year..............................19th September 2009

Last week Pammi was back in London for a conference and we got to see him again! I can get used to that. But not before the most amazing coincidence. Pammi and I were making our way to Epsom from different directions on Friday 18th.
I was headed back after Marisol's exhibition in Leeds (See next story below) by train, and there was a delay of one hour because of some accident on the tracks. When I boarded the train to Epsom at Vauxhall I sent Pammi a text message as previously agreed. Here follows the transcript of the message sequence.....
Me: 5.30 Getting on the Epsom train at Vauxhall
Pammi: Just left Waterloo on the Dorking train
Me: So you are just behind. U did not pass Vauxhall yet?
Pammi: If its the first stop after Waterloo then yes passed it
Me: Then we are on the same train! Which car from the back? I am in the 3rd from the back.
Pammi: What? on the same train? Weird man. I am in the 2nd last or last, not sure.
Me: I will try and move down the train. Its packed. Definitely see you at Epsom

And a couple of hops in and out different train carriages, we found each other!!

And spent a lovely few hours together.

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