Monday, 21 September 2009

Marisol at the Leeds College of Art

We were in Leeds last week for the inauguration of Marisol's latest exhibition at the Leeds College of Art and Design, and I can tell you that it was stunning! The hair piece which was made in China and made a trip to London in my luggage, was beautiful. So was the I-Myself installation of eyes from every year of Marisol's life. To top it all the video from 'Forgotten Languages' was projected along an entire side of the college cafeteria.
My favourite story is that there was a flyer in distribution, the entire sheet proclaiming Marisol Cavia's exhibition at the college, with a photo and a description, and at the foot of the sheet in small letters there was this note: 'Also a set of prints of Chapman Brothers'!!
Marisol is the main attraction. The curator Terry Jones wrote to say
'The show looks great – The students have all returned today and there was a big crowd looking at the hair'
More at Marisol's website

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