Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson

Sad news...
Let me tell you all my story of meeting MJ once in London a couple of years ago....
I was in the foyer of the Photographer's Gallery in London, near Leicester Square, on the phone to Anil, and a limo stopped in front of the building
Out jumped two guys from Matrix, with dark glasses and microphones and headsets, and looked around for a few seconds, then this darkly dressed short figure slowly emerged and walked into the gallery. As he passed he stopped and looked at me and said 'I love your turban, man'
Now I am not much of a MJ fan, and I had to think for a second to pay back a compliment on his dancing routines.
Anil said on the phone, 'who are you talking to?', and when I said MJ, he said 'you must be joking'
So I said to Anil, 'No Joke - here you say hello', and extended the mobile to MJ, who said something like 'hi' to Anil!!
and he was gone into the gallery.
Sad news indeed.

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London Alive said...

I love all the music in your blog, hadn't been to it in a while. In fact, haven't seen you in ages!