Thursday, 18 October 2012

Travels 2012 - day 7,8 - more art

Day 7.
After the usual morning rituals we headed to the shops and later after a quick bite to eat got to the Saatchi Gallery on Kings Road. Some great photographic exhibitions, but the thing that really made us smile was the huge array of Karl Lagerfeld photographs that take up an entire floor, where all the images have been printed on paper then hung directly on the walls with small pins...exactly the same way that I hung my Fractal images in Laredo. One of the associates of the gallery expressed his concern on seeing what I had done, and said he thought that it was a cheap way of putting up an exhibition. I thought it was quite a modern way to display, and buyers could choose their own frames..never mind we bring progress slowly to the provincials!
Karl Lagerfeld photo hung straight on wall with pins at the Saatchi Gallery

Day 8.
More shopping, lunch at the Cafe Pacifico, which appears to have improved quite a bit! They had a lunch special, where everything was half price! and a glass of wine 1.50, Margarita 3 pounds! amazing for London..then we saw the 'On the Road' movie which has just arrived in London. I was a Kerouac fan, and was one who had read the book with some interest, however the film dissappointed me a bit. There were obvious nostalgia moments, however the treatment of some events was too graphic and in your face, whereas in the book they were passing references. So instead of building an atmosphere, the film spends two hours where the characters are going nowhere and appear to make a nuisance of themselves along the way.
Oh well, I had been looking forward to seeing this but it did not quite live up to my expectations.
Then as we left the cinema and began to walk down Shaftesbury Avenue, someone on a bicycle shouted 'Marisollllll' and came to a screeching halt on the avenue, causing a minor panic in the traffic. It was Wayne Chisnall from the London Biennale group of artists that we used to socialize and work with in the past. He had just bought a new bicycle too!
Marisol and Wayne on Shaftesbury Avenue!

Dinner with Derek and Pat near Regent Street was much more relaxing and enjoyable..

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