Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Travels 2012 - Day 1 - London

Ok, so the time is ripe for a short six week escape and to visit a few friends and to see some new places. Its Marisol's big one this  year so this is kind of a big present, but I am sort of tagging along. She needs me I am sure, says I. Its our anniversary too, so hopefully I  deserve this too.
So its day 1 and we have taken Vuelling flight from Bilbao, a few miles east of where we live. An hour or two later we landed at Heathrow, and a short taxi ride brought us to our friend Fionnuala's home in Epsom, just south of London.
The next few days we will be in and around London, Frieze art show, Anil, Indian food, and a few birthday celebrations. Marisol has already had two or three gatherings, including a surprise party which had her shaking and in tears for several minutes! However her big day does not actually happen until the 18th, so there is still time to arrange more celebrations as we pass through different places and meet up with friends and family. The idea this yearis for us to go to our friends instead of the other way around,
So the trip will take us from England to Dubai, to Steve and Maya, then on to India where will catch with family. Then a week in Bangkok, before retrace our steps back to Spain.
I will be writing a travelogue and you all are welcome to follow our exploits as events unfold.
Wish us luck as we head out to enjoy ourselves.

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