Sunday, 14 October 2012

Travels 2012 - Day 3 - Frieze Art Fair

We skip day 2, which got used up in catching up with various  UK activities and friends in the Epsom area, and head into day 3 which had been scheduled for visiting the Frieze art fair. As luck would have it Anil asked us a few days ago if we wanted some tickets to Frieze, which Hannah was able to get as she was working at the stand of an American art magazine. Did we just!!
So we made our way to Frieze at Regents Park, where Hannah met us with our tickets, an early 60th birthday present. We were soon walking around the massive site and enjoying the huge array of art on display.

This year there are fewer surprises and a lot of 'low-brow' art and the overall impression is not as inspirational as other years. That does not stop us from walking around for seven hours, and take in the topical wooden functional structure where they are wining and dining people with red hair! I am not wearing my red turban,alas, or I may have qualified!
Then there are the galleries from Mumbai, where there appears to be a dead body in a wedding dress, and a video of a performance with the dress, and a project to film ' a murder at an art fair' using the visitors as extras! There is a lot to see and we dutifully walk through each and every booth.
Later totally drained we avoid all entertainment to get back to Epsom and a nice dinner at the home of Fionnuala.

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