Sunday, 10 June 2012

El Camino - Day 0

It is day 0 and we catch a train from Bilbao and make our way to Sarria where we will begin our walk tomorrow morning. The group is in a good mood and there is a lot of laughter.We go through stunning countryside as we make our way to Galicia.
After a drink and a few snacks ( including a bagful of pistacios) we have a nap - its a long nine hours on the train. We listen to music and keep an eye on the French open tennis final where Nadal is playing  (rain interrupted continues tomorrow) and the Euro 2012 football match between Spain and Italy (ends 1:1).
Finally we arrive in Sarria, get to our hostel, take a walk around town, have dinner and visit a bar for a nightcap. The barman wants me to try his curry and I dont have the heart to tell him its lousy. Everyone wishes us well and in good spirits we head for our rooms for an 8am start and set our alarms.
Everyone is raring to go!!!

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