Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Day 2 Camino Portmarin to Palas del Rey

El Camino Day 2 Portomarin to Palas del Rey 25 kms 
Once again we made an 8am start for the 25 km stage. There were a few showers along the route but by now we are used to them and the rain cape and the hood continue to make carrying their weight worthwhile. The terrain was quite hilly and about half the walk today was uphill, and while this makes for a thorough aerobic workout, it did separate the group once again into two sets, the faster set and the rest who were not too far behind. 
The Stage itself was very pretty but less than the previous day, with a few kms going along roads which spoil the experience somewhat. At one point we were treated to a spectacular rainbow, as if nature was compensating the pilgrims for having to walk in rain. At one point we caught up with an Italian group of two couples, one of the men being of my kind of age. After a brief greeting we got talking and I learnt that Mario had retired recently, rather like me and sought some experience on the Camino. He said he was afraid of what lay ahead in his life but could not explain his reasons, and was hoping that he would feel something when he finished in Santiago. We discussed a few ideas among them the possibility that our meeting had some spiritual significance and perhaps important messages for each other without being aware of what these messages were. 
During our talk we realised that our paths had crossed in the early seventies when Mario had visited London and the same locations which I used to frequent during the same period. We were starting to be on the same wavelength and parted by exchanging emails and agreeing to continue the conversation after Sangtiago. 
There were much less to see on this section, and only a handful of cafes to stop at. We made it to Palas del Rey around 3pm just like on the previous day when we walked about the same distance. After checking into our hostel for the night we once again did a little excursion to find a place to have lunch,  followed by a shower, rest, sightseeing, a drink or two and to bed. Palas del Rey had very little to offer the sightseer, but a collection of Camino walkers looking to pass the time and virtually no locals out and about. Sort of eerie! 
All of us are relatively well and beginning to gain confidence that the physical walk is going to be possible. Everyone has some pain or the other but nothing that cannot be fixed. So far so good, the weather forecast for tomorrow is good, but showers for the rest of the week. Luckily tomorrow is a short section, so virtually a rest day! 
Wish us 'Buen Camino'

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