Wednesday, 13 June 2012

El Camino Day 3 Palas del Rey to Melide

El Camino Day 3 Palas del Rey to Melide 16 kms
Overnight I slept badly but took the opportunity to meditate. It was as if a TV had switched on in my mind! I would like to believe that in my meditative state I saw my guardian angel for the first time. Seeing her (it was a woman) a lot of things in my life begin to make sense.
My senses are now fully alive and I feel the energy of the travellers on the Camino. Its only the third day and already there are problems with legs and feet in the group. A quick trip to a local surgery resolves the urgent cases and we take to the Camino. 
Today we did only half of a long section so it was a relatively easy walk in the most amazingly gorgeous countryside. We started a bit later than usual, and by about 11am we were already half way sitting in a cafe and tucking into food and drink. Later on the outskirts of Melide we came to a very pretty little town called Furelos, where there was a Roman footbridge and a nice little church with a special display to mark the day of San Antonio. I paid my dues from numerous occasions when we have pledged a contribution to find a parking space (Mr Anthony is the patron of finding things!). Then I said a little prayer and lit some candles, got my compostela stamped before continuing.
Soon we were in Melide and relaxing with a few drinks followed by lunch, by which time the group had collectively consumed about ten bottles of local wine! The siesta naturally followed and thoughts moved to the next stage. Along the way today I came across the following written on one of the road signs that we passed
I am on my own but not alone
I truely love you
And I am doing this for the two of us

 I could not have put it better myself...

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