Sunday, 17 June 2012

El Camino Day 7 After the finish

El Camino Day 7 After the finish
Santiago is flooded with tourists and Camino pilgrims. There is a great atmosphere of friendship and a lot of greeting for everyone who looks familiar from so many days walking and the evenings spent in hostels and hotels. I too have known a lot of people on the way, and get a lot of smiles and greetings.
We take a walk around Santiago which is full of old monumental buildings. The cathedral and its daily 'fumeiro' is not to be missed. The museum of contemporary art is also worth a visit, notably a Matta Clark installation and an exhibition titled Gravity and Disgrace. The old city is full of life with its shops, bars and restaurants.
In the cathedral area I am greeted by Ceaser, an Indian christian from Bangalore. Later someone comes to tell me that they have seen a Sikh man, and my hopes of meeting Amrit, mentioned in an earlier blog are revived. Indeed I meet the man at the foot of the stairs up to the cathedral entrance. We feel like long lost friends, exchange information, he is also with fellow walkers including a seventy year old lady from San Antonio, Texas. There is more amazement when I reveal that Manjeet lives Close to them in Austin. Amrit and I exchange contact details, Amrit is interested in doing the coastal Camino, which passes through Laredo, and we agree to stay in touch and to meet in Laredo when he comes by.
After a quick bite to eat at one of the many ordinary and disappointing eatries we run to our hotel to collect our packs in pouring rain and to get taxis for the bus station to catch our bus that will take us home.

I have been sending out positive energy everyday from the Camino de Santiago to all my family and friends, and I hope that you all have felt it coming your way..

Buen Camino for the rest of our lives..

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Loli CardeƱoso said...

Yes!!! your possitive energy has reached us in London.
Congratulations to you and your fellow pilgrims.