Friday, 15 March 2013

Gurgaon near Delhi

So here we are in Gurgaon..the DELHI Airport was empty on a monday morning, and visas no problem. The prepaid taxi was a joke on time must remember to get a limo..although its not far to Gurgaon. The town on the southeast edge of Delhi, is a mecca for new highrise buildings, expensive shopping malls and lots of big foreign companies have offices here...but there is still lots under construction and the streets are full of the dust from the encroaching Rajasthan desert..
Finding our home was a bit tricky as in this part of the world where the 'streete have no names'..fade to Clint Eastwood riding a horse imto the sunset..haha..After driving around for ages I finally spotted Dad's house. Nice new house, a major improvement on the previous house, which we had got used to over the last 50 years..

Now we start a major drive to catch up on all the family plus meet up with Deepi, Sangeeta and Popi who are all visiting from Sydney. Pammi and Chanda, who are looking after us so well , and whom we have not seen in 2 years..too long.
and the weather is lovely even if its impossible to walk around because there are few facilities for the walker.

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