Friday, 15 March 2013


It was our lucky day..
As it happened we arrived at Goa airport without a hitch, flight on time and everything as planned. Then we hired a Air Conditioned cab to take us to the hotel, which was about an hour's drive. First we got given the wrong cab, which looked like it had seen better days, when after a few phone calls and threats from me, we discovered it was the right car, it sprung a leak in its brake fluid, and came to a dead halt only a Kilometer from the airport!
Me and Marisol below waiting for our taxi, notice my taxi voucher in my hand

me, the driver, the stricken car and the dark line of brake fluid along the white line on the road!

Which was lucky indeed..because we could have broken down after 20 kilometres which would have been more complicated..and as it happened within 5 minutes we had a much better car and made our way to the hotel! which is quite nice..and more on Goa later when we go exploring.
I am convinced Marisol was responsible for the taxi breaking down..she has this uncanny way of interfering with machines..specially when she does not like them..

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