Monday, 18 March 2013

Goa - Beach and Excursion

First stop after a morning at the pool was the nearby Calingute beach..which was only a ten minute walk, but we still took a hotel shuttle, which left us at the beach. Beach was surprisingly clean and lined with shacks where one could hire a lounger and an umbrella, essential for the day heat. The sea was a mysterious grey colour, not the blue you get in Spain and the Carribean and other places. 

I expect that the shacks which generally had a bar and a restaurant, ran a party in the evening and you could stay the night for a few rupees.
Most of them also had a few stray dogs perhaps adopted to protect the shack at night.
Anyway after a walk down the beach we headed back past an array of shops where we acquired much needed hat and cap and some suntan lotion. further along we got a bottle of Jacob Creek red and some fruit before braving the 500 metres walk to the hotel.

To try something different we thought we would try a hotel excursion. 5 hours and four places on the itenerary including on old Portuguese church now one of the world heritage sites, an old fort, a public beach and the sunset cruise!
The cruise turned out to be a nice surprise..
there were hundreds waiting in queue, next to a floating disaster of a boat. Somehow about a thousand people got on board and we were on the way. Us and a couple of others got engrossed in the sunset, while the other 996 got on with the party. There was a stage, and an MC introduced music and the whole boat rocked to Bhangra music.
First the kids, then couples, followed by the men and then the ladies.
Every one had a lot of fun..totally unexpected by us.
The sunset was nice too!

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Manjeet said...

Looks like you´re having lots of fun! Wish we were there with you!