Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Greece/Turkey Mediterranean Cruise - May 2013 - (1)

Montse, our family travel agent, came up with an offer for a Med cruise in the Greek Islands and Turkey, which we just could not refuse! So we pulled anchors (sorry) and made hasty arrangements to catch the cruise in Athens, which meant busses, planes, Madrid, more planes and arriving in Athens. There was a document bag with about fifty sheets with Bus tickets, Hotel vouchers, Ryanair boarding passes and cruise details and a lot more.
Anyway the day came and off we went.

4th May to Madrid
A bus ride to Santander airport and a Ryanair flight took us to Madrid..where we had just enough time to catch the Dali exhibition and also the Cristina Iglesias installations at the Reina Sofia. The hotel location was such that we could walk to the museum and also to the home of our friends Natalia and Leandro, who treated us to the most amazing lunch in the company of more Madrid friends. The next day we took the Pullmantur flight to Athens.

Cristina Iglesias installations at the Reina Sofia

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