Monday, 20 May 2013

Med Cruise - Marmaris and on to Izmir (3)

We woke up and there was Marmaris, another Greek Island right in front of our ship, not as spectacular as Santorini but looked nice. We took it easy in the morning once again and when the hordes had dissappeared we took to the land and a taxi ride brought us to the centre of the town.

At first there did not appear to be much to see, but then we headed to the old part of the town, and discovered that there were beautiful old alleys in the same tradition as in Santorini, but not as white and clean. There was a fort which appeared to be closed but no matter, we discovered some nice corners, and not a tourist in sight!

A further bonus was a very nice little cafe bar at the top of a house, with stunning views and free WiFi! I got to call Paramjit (My younger bro) to wish him a happy birthday! He seemed sleepy after a long flight home from Australia.

The next day we sailed on to Izmir in Turkey..

One of the mosques in Izmir

In the old town of Izmir our taxi is stuck in a jam that can go neither forward or backward. How we got ourselves out of there I dont know!

A bazaar in of the most famous of these has been installed in an old palace for the ladies of a Harem! 

We were soon back in the boat for more entertainment, more drinks and food all on the house..and on to Istanbul!

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