Monday, 26 August 2013

Murals in medieval churches in Spain

At a gathering of Artists and Poets friends, the owner of the restaurant where we stopped for a long (perhaps 4 hours) lunch, which is typical in Spain due to the after meal conversations called the 'sobremesa' literally 'over the table', offered to show us around the local medieval churches which are dotted around everywhere, and some of which are now not in use and being conserved as tourist attractions or national heritage. 
Everyone knew how good these old churches can be and often house visual treasures only to be found in Italy and Spain. So everyone agreed and off we went on out of the way roads and tracks. We were not disappointed..'you will be surprised by the interior' he said. Both the churches we visited contained frescoes which were both visually stunning and very different from the usual church material in their representations.
Here are a few pictures to illustrate..the churches we visited were the Santa Olalla de la Loma and the San Juan de Mata de Hoz, both near the little town of Olea a few kilometres south of the hill station known as Reinosa in South Cantabria.

The San Juan Church Murals

Santa Olalla Murals

The Mural with the Last Supper (including fish)

Thed Mural depicting Hell!

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