Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Take it nice and slow!

The other day there was a chat program on radio and they were talking to someone who happened to have the opinion that the world was moving too fast and that the secret of health and happiness was to take everything nice and esy and to take our time and slow down. I forget the details but the person being interviewed gave several examples to illustrate his point why we would benefit from not being in a hurry. In particular I was intrigued by the mention of megabytes of data and the fastest possible internet connections being not to this person's liking.
Not being in too much of a hurry myself, I was inclined to agree that in general it may be true, but I could not help but smile that the radio  presenter had already given up to this person's views and did not even try to probe a bit further. My opinion on this is that there are somethings that just have to be instantaneous, and the fastest the Wifi connection at home, the happier I tend to be. Everyone has got used to the 50Mb connection and if the internet response slows even a bit, we all (even Marisol!) begin to wonder what's wrong.
They should surely have asked what would have happened if our eyes and brains took their time in processing the visual information that presents itself to us every moment while we are awake. Imagine we are going to cross the road, we look in the direction of traffic and our brains take it really slow and wait 10 seconds to process the image! wham and thank you very much.
Some things have just got to be as fast as possible.

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