Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Virtual Travel

In a week that has seen a multitude of invitations from all corners of the world, I have decided that the best course of travel is virtual. It is a bit of the same thought process that went through the previous post about Art Collection...that is, if its in your mind then it must be as good as..or the next best thing.
First there was the invite for the Frieze New York, which together with its satellite events would be worth a visit considering the Frieze events we have been to in London. Then came an invite from our London Biennale artists friends to go to the inauguration of the London Biennale events in London this year. More recently an ex colleague who moves from Poland to Mumbai via London asked me to join her in London for a drink! and if that was not enough another ex colleague in Shanghai asked if we would be coming to China anytime soon, so that we could get together. With prospects of a holiday in Mallorca, or a 100 Km hike down the Camino de Santiago also on the cards you can see where virtual might hold its charms.
By this time I was feeling a bit worn out already..
Since we do have a few commitments locally, I am afraid that its going to be an exercise in imagination. Now I would give anything to sit in a street cafe in Cairo or Istanbul watching the world go by or kids flying kites or whatever you are supposed to do in such establishments, or indeed get as far up the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (its reputed height makes me dizzy just thinking about it) to get a spectacular view of the desert and the sea, and to feel the scary significant movement that by my calculation the Sheikh must feel in his imaginary apartments atop the building, however I must resist the temptation and wait for a suitable opportunity...ugh that dreadful phrase 'a suitable opportunity'.
Now I do have the time and could save up the money to do all these things, but with the weather improving in Northern Spain, and no urgency on taking on this travel all at once, I would happily join you in an imaginary world and drink a toast to your health and/or have a drink/coffee in the cyber bar/cafe of your choosing!!
Best wishes to all and Sat Sri Akal.


Octavio said...

Los primeros síntomas del artista como enfermo mental (or the artist as a young puppie) comienzan con la fervorosa descripción de viajes virtuales, dear friend... I hope to see you soon... I mean in a real way.


Arvinder said...

Dices algo interesante, pero somos todos enfermos mentales en varios grados, un poco mas o menos no pasa nada... haha y eso de 'enfermo = young puppie' me parece bastante 'mental'..y no lo capto todavia..sure we will see you soon .. your town or mine? saludos.