Thursday, 26 April 2012

April Showers or 'Abril Aguas Mil'

Rain...more rain and then some more
And now wind and more wind
The region has been under a blanket of rain accompanied by gale force wind for weeks. It seems that its never going to clear..and god knows where all this cloud wind and rain is coming from!
Thought this only happened in England, but no, its the same in Northern Spain, at least in April.
Now the famous saying 'April Showers' is coming true here except that in our case you can add both continuous and torrential as in 'Continuous and Torrential April Showers'. The Spanish version in the title literally translates to 'April waters thousand' and roughly means 'Thousands of Showers in April' except that Abril rhymes nicely with Mil.
To get out of the rain yesterday we went to see the movie of 'Hunger Games'. Having read the books last year, when Manjeet gave us the Kindle versions, we knew they could be spectacular, as the current glut of reality shows have given the film industry plenty of experience in setting up something like this. But having read the books was both an advantage as well as a downer. The advantage being that many key points of the story were not treated very well so one knew from the reading...however knowing how it all ends affected the surprise and tension that the non-readers may have enjoyed. It was also quite long as I  was reminded by the aching knees when we finally got up to leave. Old Age!
Life goes on..I thought I would have a go at translating some Spanish art related documents into English, and that has tremendously increased my vocabulary of art related expressions. And to top it I was paid too..not much but cant complain. I can now put together statements such as ' The work of X has a spiritual quality and one can feel the energy that emanates from it, result of a somewhat disturbing view of a search for identity that the artist has portrayed'. Or ' A more ornamental and clear way of composition reveals a characteristic use of colour, full of rhythm and vitality which shifts the thematic definition of the work in the interest of obtaining a richer reality. '.
If that was not enough I thought I would take pity on a friend who had shot about six hours of video during a trip to India and now did not have the patience to sit through the overlong footage. Having learnt a thing or two about videos and editing I took his video footage and reduced it to a one hour documentary that is much more watchable. I did have an ulterior motive as you migh be forgiven for suspecting. The trip was made during my birthday celebrations and the video contains a considerable section that record the birthday party, where everyone came dressed in Indian clothes.
Some of you may well have been present at that memorable event now more than three years ago, when I sent out invitations to the party with the shocking revelation that it was to be held in far away Delhi. Very convenient for those who were already in Delhi of course.
Anyway I hope Fonzi likes my editing..


david stuart ryan said...


It would be great to see the video
or part of it on Youtube.

I put up a 10 minute video of the 2004 Kumbha Mela, which has had
some 14,000 visits, it's great to be able to reach out to new audiences

Best regards

David Ryan

Manjeet said...

Hey we look forward to seeing the video on our next visit ;-)