Sunday, 25 March 2012

The highs/ups and the lows/downs

Its been a strange few days..last Thursday morning (today is Sunday) we woke up with 3 Centigrade and deep winter. Friday morning saw the thermometer showing 20 degrees and people were on the beach in force and some were even swimming.
Saturday and Sunday continued to be scorchers and its time to start believing that summer has arrived early even though we have just begun Spring (22 March). But this happens every year when a few days of good weather gets us chucking winter clothes into storage and begin to don sleeveless shirts and shorts. Then a few days down the line suddenly normality reigns and we end up with colds and coughs.
To change the subject a bit, spare a thought for our favourite Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar who last week reached the impossible landmark of scoring a hundred centuries in International cricket, something that no one has come even close to doing in a career, but (yes sometimes there is a niggling but) the Indiam team lost the match and that too to lowly Bangladesh! After the win at home agains England and debacle of the matches series in Australia I am beginning to think that something is going on that does not make sense. The Indian team has been having a lot of ups and downs.
And now for something completely different (Monty Python) .. today Manjeet (#1 son) pointed out something about the Ferrari Formula 1 cars  and the standings of the drivers after today's hectic race in Malaysia. What he stated is (and I quote)
'Alonso:35 points (top of the driver standings), Massa: 0 points (tied last).. and it's the SAME CAR!'
Figure that one out!  Come on Massa - start racing!

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