Saturday, 3 November 2007

Seoul, Korea its October 2007

Lucky for me, an extension of the trip to Shanghai to Seoul gave me a weekend to do some sightseeing, and JC from our office volunteered to take me to the Korean Folk Village, that is popular with tourists and the Koreans alike.
MORE PHOTOS : For a full set of photos click here

Below is a video of the Korean Folk Dance known as Hanguk Minsokchon


Anonymous said...

Hi, Arvinder?
I took glance over the Korean pictures, you are goot at taking pictures!. I liked the angle and light composed in your photos. Especially the round shape of window frame was very artistic.

It was my pleasure to meet you in Korea and thank you for sharing time with us.

Arvinder Bawa said...

My thanks to EK for leaving an encouraging comment.
It was a pleasure to meet you in Korea for me too.