Sunday, 5 August 2007

Longshore Drift - Brighton Beach - August 4

Once again the annual Longshore drift event organised every year by Katie Sollohub, took place at the Brighton Beach, and as we have accustomed, another gorgeous day was given to us, and this year the event organised by Marisol & Marko, was very enjoyable occasion indeed. Althogh several notable LBs were missing, the occasion was made memorable by some participatory performances.
Marisol gave us 'Talisman made from natural objects from the seabed', where people found stones or other objects which had holes in them and Marisol made a talisman to be worn as a necklace. As the evening fell Marisol held a very moving 'powering the talisman' ceremony to enable all the talismans so that they would work for the wearer.

Marisol also held a 'Language of the Fan' class, where several ladies (Loli, Susan, Elaine and Marisol) played out a series of phrases such as 'I love you', 'I am married' etc. for the delight of the audience.

Meanwhile, I - Arvinder, held a series of Oracle consultations, where anyone could ask a question to the I-Ching, and tried to interpret the results. To my surprise several very rare hexagrams were obtained as answers among them the perfect six solid lines hexagram 1, The creative (Elaine) and one thrown by Katie which contained 4 changing lines. These are rare.
A memorable event and a perfect day.
And someone flew a plane and drew a heart with an arrow going threw it in the sky in front of us!

Here are some photographs and there are some videos from the event on the right among Arvinder's Videos.

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